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    Only your creator’s view that count!!!

    One of my best past time is to read and once in a while, i come accross wonderful text that i feel compel to share. This is one of such text. We often look at us through others eyes as if we are their creature. Meanwhile,  we have no idea what the real creator sees [...]

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    Meeting with the ONE! inspired by Bob Marley

        “Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, [...]

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    This qould be unfair not to share. Get some one you truly love and ask him/her to read this passage to you. It is the most inspiring description of true love. Taken from ” the 40 rules of love by Elizabeth Shafak” Bountiful is your life, full and complete. Or so you think, until someone [...]

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    “THE PRESENT” IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT.     The major difference between the two teams at last nite match between Costa Rica and Holland was “the moment”. one team (Costa Rica) was enjoying “the moment” while the other (Holland) was thinking of “the moment”. When you are enjoying the moment,  you are capable to [...]

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    WAS IT A WASTED WC SPOT FOR AFRICA? Yes, they went through qualifying rounds like any other teams in the continent and managed to secure their spot for Brazil 2014. Yes, they were in a tough group (so were every body else). But I still have to ask, was Cameroon a wasted WC spot for [...]

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    This is one of the most powerful piece of reading and I wouldn’t feel full satisfy with myself if I don’t share it with you. “I am love” speaks to your soul, gives you an idea of your existence. I tried replacing the word “love” with the word “God”. I strongly of the opinion that, [...]

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    Celebrating what is valuable…

    Proudly black, African and women After so many themes were developed for the celebration of our 20th anniversary of freedom in our country, little was revealed about the progress of the “most progressive” group in the country. That confronted me to answer this question that has been in my mind, the journey of black South [...]

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    Set your standard and live by it

    “You will only ever be as great as the people you surround yourself with; so be brave enough to let go of those who keep bringing you down” Marc Chernoff There is nothing more I can add into this quote. I took time reading Marc Chernoff reason for stating the above quote and I couldn’t [...]

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    Emotional Intelligent!!! your key for living

    What is Emotional intelligent? Before starting any of my talks on self-branding or communication, I always start by making an effort to understand my audience, I set my mind to suite the nature of the event (it can be seminar, conference or just a network session) and most importantly I do study the culture of [...]

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    Get the “Boss” Keshi for Boys

    Is it really a bad idea? Many of you might read this the wrong way and some might read the article and conclude with emotional sentiments. This piece opens itself to judgments, criticism and suggestions. Given that many of us would like to see our countries football standard rise above to that of a world [...]