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    Set your standard and live by it

    “You will only ever be as great as the people you surround yourself with; so be brave enough to let go of those who keep bringing you down” Marc Chernoff There is nothing more I can add into this quote. I took time reading Marc Chernoff reason for stating the above quote and I couldn’t [...]

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    Emotional Intelligent!!! your key for living

    What is Emotional intelligent? Before starting any of my talks on self-branding or communication, I always start by making an effort to understand my audience, I set my mind to suite the nature of the event (it can be seminar, conference or just a network session) and most importantly I do study the culture of [...]

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    Get the “Boss” Keshi for Boys

    Is it really a bad idea? Many of you might read this the wrong way and some might read the article and conclude with emotional sentiments. This piece opens itself to judgments, criticism and suggestions. Given that many of us would like to see our countries football standard rise above to that of a world [...]

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    Redemption time for Gordon Igensund & Bafana Bafana

    (pic courtesy of After 2 matches have been played and the results have been known, it is time to assess the host team (South Africa) chances to win the tournament. Since Ghana 2008, South Africa (Bafana Bafana) failed to qualify for any major competition , nevertheless we will be participating for their third major tournament as the [...]

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    The news of former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s passing has provoked many questions in many of us and also to self-examine our own impermanence. We watched from the announcement made by president Jacob Zuma to the eulogy orated by president Barack Obama at the memorial service and I proceed to ask, why all these? Why [...]

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    Pirates STILL holds the advantage

    I do expect divided views on this article. For Pirates lovers, this article will bring some smile, for Pirates haters, they will think I am not normal and for the neutral like me, they will look at the facts that made me say advantage…Pirates STILL holds… On my previous post “Advantage Pirates” I wrote, “the [...]

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    The finishing line is close, but…

    THE WINNING STRATEGY  Starting point: The 1st leg of the CAF Champion’s league final is playing at Orlando Pirates back yard, meaning at home, therefore winning is WILL BE GREAT and winning without conceding should be the MAIN objective. This is the same sentiment that Pirates players shared after today press conference. But when playing [...]

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    FEAR FACTOR, a must have ingredient!!!

        At their pick, everybody in the cricket world feared facing the Shane Warne’s Australian cricket team. They had the ability to bowl you all out before reaching your target. The same feeling many teams had when facing Manchester United of Sir Alex or facing Barcelona of Pep or the first Chelsea of Morinho. [...]

  • 4-2-3-1 defensive? really

     “Once feared across the game, the traditional No9 is now an endangered species” by Jason Burt   For while, since 2009, I have been debating this point on our national television (SABC) regarding the football formation introduced in this country by the Brazilian coach at the helm of South Africa (Bafana Bafana) ahead of the [...]

  • Are we “truly”South Africans?

      I think the first big and surprising thing about this question is mostly “who is asking?” Many would read this and ask “Who am I or what qualifies me to include myself as a South African?” or “Does he have the right to ask this question?” If you are part of the group that [...]